MMC Infotech Services was founded in August 1990 as "Mass Mailing Center", a novel bulk mailing service by Ms R Sujatha and her father, Mr S Krishnamoorthy. 

As a company and as a family, we have grown together from our humble start. From two people working in a small room to a family of 1900 spread across three locations, we have steadily grown to become one of the industry's most reliable outsourcing providers in the banking and financial services domains. We are proud to count among our clients, some of the country's biggest names in banking, for whom we provide a full spectrum of services. We have a wonderful team which is a perfect blend of experience and energy to deliver the consistent performance our clients have come to expect of us. We are truly unique in that the entire senior management team is comprised of dedicated individuals who have all begun their careers with MMC and we continue to grow, together.

The foundation for this success is firmly laid on the bedrock of our shared values -

  • Integrity in thought, word and deed
  • Respect for all and beyond all boundaries
  • Pride in the work we do
  • Relentless drive for improvement

In short, we are driven by our motto - Whom The Most Reliable Names Rely On