We provide serveral services related to new customer acquisition and account opening activities, including

  • Mailroom and scanning:

    Mailroom activity for receiving,reconciling counts of physical paper applications and digitizing physical forms.

  • Data Capture:

    Data capture of the application fields into the processing system. We have an in-house developed dual capture, image based capture solution that can be interfaced with any client system.

  • Policy Checks:

    Application of specific criteria to filter rejects depending on the nature of the process.

  • Verification:

    Tracking of field and telephonic verifications done by agencies across India for applicants who have cleared the policy checks.

  • Post-verification checks:

    Compilation and entry of verification results into a decision system to determine the final status of the application.

  • Archival:

    Data entry of retrieval data, preparation of applications for archival and storage and final handover to archival agency.