A strong operations team is the backbone of any customer facing industry or service and a weak operations team can jeopardize the good work happening at the customer interface channels.

We provide backend operations support for our clients, managing millions of transactions per year that include both financial and non-financial operations. We have strong systems and data validation processes and most importantly, an organizational focus on continously improving existing processes through re-engineering and automation efforts.

Some of the operations that we  perform:

  • Back-end processing and account maintenances, including financial and non-financial transaction.
  • Application Processing, Credit Policy checks, de-duplication, verification, post verification checks and archival.
  • Email campaign management.
  • Dispatch of welcome Kits, credit/debit cards and cheque books, with a comprehensive tracking and follow-up mechanism of Return To Origin (RTO) cases.
  • Statements dispatch/tracking and redirection.
  • Customized design and letter generation.