We have the expertise to set up and handle the below mentioned core activities required to process applications from prospect customers:

  • Receipt and Reconciliation: Mailroom activity for receiving and reconciling counts of physical paper applications and supporting documents from origin points.
  • Data Capture: Data capture of the application fields into the processing system.
  • Policy Checks: Application of specific criteria to filter rejects depending on the nature of the process.
  • Verification: Tracking of field and telephonic verifications done by agencies across India for applicants who have cleared the policy checks.
  • Post-verification checks: Compilation and entry of verification results into a decision system to determine the final status of the application.
  • Archival: Data entry of retrieval data, preparation of applications for archival and storage and final handover to archival agency.

We  currently handle the end to end processing of unsecured loan applications for a multinational bank, and can offer similar services for processing of other products like Insurance, Banking Account Opening, Credit Card Application processing, Mobile/Landline connections etc.


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